Water Filtration

Hydrophilic membrane for drinking water

Our PES flat sheet membrane is especially developed for water ultrafiltration to achieve drinking water from biologically unsafe water. Thanks to our special process we are able to produce highly hydrophilic PES membranes, which also retains its hydrophilicity over the course of multiple process steps. The PES membranes are available in a wide range of pore sizes. Therefore, the membranes can be used for high flowrate applications with average bacteria retention. However, also for very small and even virus retention with a reduced flow rate.

For our own filter brand DrinkPure, we developed a special membrane with an asymmetric pore structure. This provides DrinkPure filters incredible flow rates and long standing times. DrinkPure waterfilters can be found here:

Also, we are open to commercial and non-profit applications of our filter technology. We are willing to use our experience in filter development and production to supply filters as an OEM to any organization.

Legionella Filtration

In recent years, the problems of legionella became the number one topic in water safety for western countries. Much different than other germs, legionella are not a problem originating from the water supply. However, the problems of legionella contamination arise within the water system, since legionella flourishes at temperatures between 30 to 55°C.
Common practices to limit legionella contamination are 70°C hot water temperature, removal of dead ends etc. Unfortunately, often the problem with legionella is more fundamental, for example, old houses lack streamlined, modern plumbing systems and cannot reach the necessary temperature. Also, many organizations aim to lower the operation temperature of the hot water system, to reduce the energy consumption significantly.

All these factors lead to an increased need for legionella filtration. We at Novamem adapted our water filtration membrane to filter off legionella pneumophila.

Specific to this application, Novamem developed a standard 10-inch filter cartridge for Legionella filtration. With our competence as filter developer and producer, we are always open to supply your company as an OEM!

Material NamePore size [nm]Bacteria RetentionFlow rate [LMH]
PES DrinkPure25099.9999% E.coli
99% Virus
45 000
PES LEG15015099.99% Legionella 9 000
PES LEG505099.99999% Legionella700