Solvent Filtration

Do you have a solvent filtration process?

You do solvent filtration if your process stream contains more than 10 wt% solvent. Above this level, the solvent may attack your membrane material. This can lead to a change in retention or even to a total dissolution of your membrane. Depending on your solvent and your process conditions this can happen sooner or later. Selecting the right membrane therefore becomes crucial even to laboratory separation process that handle solvents.

This is how we can help!

What do you separate? I there a target molecule you would like to separate? Do you want to clean your solvent from debris or do you wish to separate monomer from oligomers?  This has an influence on the perfect membrane material. We can help you selecting the right membrane type with the right retention properties. Also for your separation we can offer the right range! We show you if you need a solvent resistant and temperature stable PEEK or just a PVDF membrane.