Filtration under extreme conditions

Do you have filtration process that runs under harsh conditions?

Processes are considered harsh if your they run at elevated pressure (i.e. >10 bar), high temperature (i.e. >60°C/140°F) or if any aggressive chemical is required (e.g. strong acid). Such extreme conditions can alter a membranes behavior and may change its filtration performance. Consequently, selecting the right membrane is crucial to chemical separation processes. Novamem has a few membranes, specifically for very harsh conditions!

This is how we can help!

We can offer you the most suitable membrane for your challenging filtration process. You just have to give us the required process parameter i.e. pressure, temperature and other chemical properties. We then offer you the optimal membrane with the desired particle cut-off and chemical resistance. Our high performance membranes made from PEEK and PVDF, provide a membrane solution for nearly every challenge in filtration under extreme conditions.