Our commitment to outstanding quality in high performance separation

Novamem is a manufacturer and supplier of bioseparation membranes and chemically resistant filters. Our membranes help you purify and concentrate your precious biomolecules. Novamem is the first company that uses state of the art nanotechnology. We produce nano- to microporous membranes with unrivaled performance in filtration. Have your bioseparation at a sample recovery higher than ever. Our flat sheet membranes contain no wetting agents or other chemical contamination. This brings ease of use and sample purity to a new level also for you separation process. Join us for the future in high performance separation by choosing Novamem flat sheet membranes!

Novamem’s patented technology enables the fabrication of high resistance filters. These membranes can withstand practically all known organic solvents and allow operation at high pressures and temperatures. If you like to learn more about our portfolio, just visit our shop or contact us! Novamem is your flat sheet membrane company of choice!